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Highlight: 2018 Spring Holiday Homestay

Thanks again to all of our hosts and guests who supported the GTI Holiday Homestay Program over the Easter holiday weekend. Here are some highlights from both local hosts and international guests:

“The family was so welcoming that it didn’t take me long to feel free. They did their best to make everyone feel at home. We talked about a lot of things, cultural and personal. The host also picked me up from my home and dropped me off. I wouldn’t have had this experience if it wasn’t for this program. If I have a chance to host someone in the future, I’d definitely do it.”

“We asked everyone: ‘what is one thing about your culture that you wish people knew or understood?’ and that seemed to get people excited…we really enjoyed hearing everyone’s [Chinese, French, Indian, etc.] answers!” 

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Scavenger Hunt or Scavenger DH Hill?

Each semester, as a part of our welcome and orienting activities, the Global Training Initiative facilitates the #GTIcampusrace for new SKEMA students. This Instagram Scavenger Hunt is designed to get new SKEMA Raleigh students active on the NC State campus. With locations like the Career Development Center and DH Hill Library, competitors learn about the incredible offerings of student support services. With locations like Talley Student Union and the Red Terror Bus stop, they learn how to be a part of the Wolfpack family!

Check out our Instagram hashtag to see hundreds of great campus photos: #gticampusrace.

Where on campus?

A challenge for NC State students: “After a class of students wowed faculty by banning hazing of freshmen, this building was named after their class.”

Real world experience for GTI students

Since the partnership between NC State and SKEMA Business School started in January 2011, the GTI has been working to connect students to the Triangle business community through guest lectures, site visits, and more. Recently, three of the students in SKEMA’s International Business master’s degree program had the chance to present about international technology and purchasing trends to Citrix’s marketing team in Raleigh and overseas.

The SKEMA students: Kevin Gama, Sabine Plass, and Edgar Rabaud were chosen to participate in the presentation to the Citrix team because of their prior work experiences and their high level of engagement in the GTI’s cross-cultural course and activities. GTI staff have previously worked with Citrix’s marketing team to provide insights into cultural considerations when taking their products overseas.

Exploring local business – SKEMA Site Visits

In only a 6-week period, GTI Staff organized 15 Site Visits to local businesses, campus enterprises and community sites for students studying at SKEMA Raleigh. The semester-long Cross-Cultural Perspectives and Compentency courses aims to orient SKEMA students to NC State campus, build professional skills associated with studying abroad, and explore North Carolina industry. In addition to joining in hybrid class sessions with NC State students, SKEMA students sign up for one or more of these company site visits.

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During Spring 2017 GTI Site Visit destinations included BB&T, Rho, Lucette Grace, Raleigh Denim and Howling Cow Ice Cream. The 15 destinations represent the entrepreneurial spirit of the Triangle and highlight business skills such as marketing, sales, and strategy across a variety of industries.

In their Site Visit Reflection assignment, SKEMA students highlight some of the cultural differences when working in Raleigh compared to their home country. SKEMA Programs Coordinator Melissa Edwards Smith strives to make the SKEMA Raleigh campus as marketable an experience as possible to the hundreds of students studying with us each semester. Her Cover Letter workshops challenge students to dive deeper into the meaning behind cultural differences so that students are prepared to talk about this international experience in a way which employers can see value.

CENet Bracket Challenge

Unfortunately NC State Men’s Basketball team didn’t make it to the NCAA Championship Series, but “March Madness” presses on!

March Madness (1)

March 13 CENet Member Meeting gave a crash course in making a bracket.

Stay engaged in the next 3 weeks of college basketball by filling out a bracket and picking the champion! Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 CENet competitors!

Campus Chefs Welcome Cultural Exchange

There was a beautiful sunset and view of downtown Raleigh on Wednesday night from The Terrace Restaurant at Lonnie Poole. Twenty SKEMA and NC State students joined NC State chefs from campus dining halls and restaurants for a cooking demonstration of US southern cuisine including collard greens, grits, hush puppies, pimento cheese, fish and chicken gumbo. Students had the opportunity to taste a variety of dishes and learn how to prepare some of these southern comfort foods. In addition to learning about American cuisine, the chefs educated the group about the influence of French Culinary Science on the trade around the world.

Sign up for more Cultural Exchange Opportunities:

Speed Friend-ed

Since our Cultural Karaoke event was postponed due to inclement weather (stay tuned for a new date!), CENet’s first social activity of the semester was Speed Friending. On Tuesday night, more than 30 NC State and SKEMA students came together to meet some new faces on campus.

Upon arrival, students created a personal identity map to help start conversations with other attendees. After 90 minutes of 4-minute introductions, new friends shared pizza and contact information.

Interested to join CENet to watch the Men’s basketball game at Duke on Monday night? Register to join our watch party at Sammy’s Tap & Grill: