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Real world experience for GTI students

Since the partnership between NC State and SKEMA Business School started in January 2011, the GTI has been working to connect students to the Triangle business community through guest lectures, site visits, and more. Recently, three of the students in SKEMA’s International Business master’s degree program had the chance to present about international technology and purchasing trends to Citrix’s marketing team in Raleigh and overseas.

The SKEMA students: Kevin Gama, Sabine Plass, and Edgar Rabaud were chosen to participate in the presentation to the Citrix team because of their prior work experiences and their high level of engagement in the GTI’s cross-cultural course and activities. GTI staff have previously worked with Citrix’s marketing team to provide insights into cultural considerations when taking their products overseas.


Welcome Shiori!

Hello Wolfpack! I am excited to work with Global Training Initiative (GTI) and the Office of International Affairs as a visiting scholar/ intern for the next 8 months.

I am an administrator in the University of Tokyo, Japan and now participating in an overseas training program for education administrators, which is supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. I am here to learn about the higher education system in the United States and do internship as a part of my practicum training.

My main desk will be at GTI, but I will also support some international programs and events around the campus. I am so excited to cooperate with students and staff and learn about campus internationalization at NC State. If you have any interests and inquiries about Japan, Tokyo or anything, you’re always welcome to visit or drop me an email!



Language and culture experience with Lebanese faculty

NC State’s Global Training Initiative, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies are hosting six faculty members from Lebanon for a 10-week Fulbright Junior Faculty Development program. The participants are involved with TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or Linguistics programs in their home country. During their time at NC State, they will be attending a series of professional development workshops and working with NC State faculty mentors.

The faculty will also get to experience various aspects of American and North Carolina culture during their time here. We’re looking forward to great language and cultural exchanges with these scholars over the next few months!

Where in the world is GTI? Everywhere!

Our programs span all topics and time zones while our participants are from all over the world. Thanks to – we’ve been able to put together this chart, which shows the 100+ countries our training programs and participants have come from over the last 8 years. This chart is also featured on our new website: We’re excited to see what the next 8 years will bring.

Yellow = professional training
Blue = student programs
Green = both professional and student training programs


GTI grooves with the Beijing Dance Academy

Faculty from the Beijing Dance Academy, one of the top dance schools in the nation, came to North Carolina State University for two weeks in October for training in Dance Education in North Carolina. They visited the North Carolina Department of Instruction to find out about common state and national standards related to K-12 dance instruction and even took a minute to stop by the State Superintendent’s office.

In addition to visiting higher education institutions around the state, including Duke University and the North Carolina School of the Arts, the training participants experienced dance education in other settings and for all ages. Their site visits included a local high schools where they watched some of the students perform. The group also stopped by the Cary Senior Center to see the dance programming offered there. They even were able to visit a couple of private studios to see all of the different ways that our communities interact through dance education.


At the Cary Dance Productions studio

We were so glad to get to work with this amazing group of faculty from the Beijing Dance Academy, and wish them all the best as they take what they have learned back with them to their institution.

Dancers for life

Dancers for life

GTI goes to Russia

The Global Training Initiative is expanding its training programs to Russia. The partnership with the Perm National Research Polytechnic University and NC State started in November 2014 when Perm faculty and administrators came to NC State for a training program about Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Then, in May 2015, the GTI arranged for 3 NC State faculty members to travel to Russia for a conference and to conduct a training program in Perm: Jennifer Capps, the director of undergraduate programs for the NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative; Roger Debo, the director of The Entrepreneurship Collaborative in the Poole College of Management; and Steve Markham, professor of management and innovation & entrepreneurship in the Poole College of Management.

NC State at the Kremlin

The trip began with a EURECA (Enhancing University Research and Entrepreneurial Capacity) conference on innovation and entrepreneurship in Moscow. The faculty then traveled to Perm and to visit with the university and conduct some training before capping off the visit with a trip to St. Petersburg.

Capps said the entrepreneurial spirit in Russia was “truly impressive.”

“They had creative ideas. They were thinking about what the future was going to look like and how they were going to fit into it,” she said.

Capps added that the trip opened new doors and underexplored territory for their students to view entrepreneurship from a worldwide perspective. The faculty are better equipped to help students make connections and see how the country operates.

On to Munich

The Global Leaders group arrived at BMW’s headquarters in Munich to learn from students enrolled in various tracks of dual education and training. BMW provides 2-3 years of onsite training for student employees in engineering and mechatronic fields. Seen here is a small group of students, who are learning basic machining. Another photo shows a dual engine (gas and battery power hybrid) racing car another group of students recently built.

BMW also has a junior company of first year students who spend 2-3 months in each department of the company, from quality control to finance to HR. This division of BMW is responsible for developing promotional items and handling special customer orders. Last year, their revenues totaled 1 million €. In total BMW has more than 3,000 student trainees in Munich. About 95% will go on to be full employees at the end of their study programs.