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CENet Scholar Blog: Pre-Class Travels

Rewind…to the start of the semester in Madrid for CENet Scholar Jael Garner.

Follow her journeys through Italy, Germany, and Belgium.

CENet Scholar Blog: First days in Madrid

CENet Scholar Jael Garner is spending this semester in Madrid. Read more about her first few days abroad.


A new year, a new CENet scholar blog

Happy 2017 to everyone! Before we start looking forward to all the great things this year will bring, we wanted to showcase Sam’s final blog where he reflects upon his amazing semester in Ecuador:

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Also, the CENet scholar blog will continue this spring semester with Jael Garner who will be studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. Jael is an NC State junior who is majoring in biology. We look forward to reading about her travels and adventures in the coming months as “The Nomadic Mountain Goat.”

CENet Scholar Blog: I’m leaving on a jet plane…

Follow CENet Scholar Sam LaFell on his last trip to the Galápagos before he wraps up his semester abroad and comes home:

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CENet Scholar Blog: Twice is Nice

Read more about how CENet scholar Sam LaFell (and his friend Sam) return to a small Ecuadorian town:

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CENet Scholar Blog: A trip to the Ecuadorian coast

Nothing better than a trip to the beach in November for CENet Scholar Sam LaFell:

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