Home for the Spring Holiday

Thanks to all our American host families and international student guests who chose to use the Easter holiday weekend as a chance for cultural exchange! GTI set up homestays with North Carolina families for 25 visiting international students. In an attempt to keep the experience as genuine and comfortable as possible, both hosts and students could decide the duration of the homestay–anywhere from a 3-day weekend together or just a Sunday brunch.

“The family was really lovely and interesting, and I think that I really discovered the way of life of an American family; they were really friendly and make everything for us…” – SKEMA student

“I would definitely remember this experience as one of the most concrete and relevant during this semester in Raleigh.” – SKEMA student


“My host was interested in learning more about my country, wanted to eat the food we eat in the Brazilian Easter and showed me some American Easter traditions…she made me feel very comfortable in spending the weekend in her house. It was her first time hosting a foreigh student and I can tell that she enjoyed it! I hope more families want to host in the future, because this is an amazing opportunity for us, students. And the families I’ve known are my friends now!” – Luiza, Brazil



About NC State Global

The Global Training Initiative (GTI) at North Carolina State University equips students and professionals with the knowledge and skillset they need to succeed in today's global economy by harnessing the university's resources. GTI is part of the NC State's International Affairs and partners with various departments and units across campus to deliver custom training programs.

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