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SKEMA student garners multiple certificates and accomplishments

Pauline Gane definitely made the most of her time at NC State this fall. She is a SKEMA Business School student who spent the semester in Raleigh at the school’s study abroad site here on Centennial Campus.

“I’ve learned a lot during my semester here at NC State,” Gane said. “I met amazing people with whom I could have great discussions about everything. Culturally speaking, I loved debates about social issues and challenging my own perspective about it.”

Gane obtained a certificate of completion for the GTI’s Cultural Exchange Network by participating in 10 hours of academic and service learning activities, such as volunteering to glean sweet potatoes at the Society of St. Andrews’ annual Yam Jam.



Yam Jam

She also became very involved with the Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service: she went on an Alternative Service Break trip to Washington DC with other NC State students, she attended numerous  leadership workshops and events, and she connected with several CSLEPS staff members who helped nurture her enthusiasm for engagement and appetite for learning about leadership and service.


“Pauline has excelled as a student leader and her contributions to our campus and surrounding community have not gone unnoticed,
said Dawn Morgan, the coordinator for CSLEPS. “She has taken advantage of every opportunity offered to her and as a result of her networking and enthusiasm to participate in various programs and initiatives, she has enhanced her experiences.”

Pauline obtained the Visionary Leadership Certificate in her one semester on campus. The requirements for applying for the certificate include participating in 12 Leadership Development Series workshops and logging 20 hours of community service or civic engagement. Pauline went above and beyond and logged 38 service hours, including 18 hours with the NC State Women’s Center Read to L.E.A.D. program, and attended 20 workshops.

“The workshops are really diverse and tackle a lot of subjects, so it was really interesting to learn about all that,” Gane said.

She also spent the semester as a team leader for NC State’s B Corp Clinic at HQ Raleigh, and she helped one of the start-up companies there work toward their B Corp Label application.

Gane is studying business management at SKEMA and hopes to be a social entrepreneur after she graduates. She said the semester in Raleigh helped her verbalize her passions and gave the ability to express her visions and ideals more clearly.

“This semester was really a great journey for me and I feel a lot more mature now about what I want to do with my life and what I’m passionate about,” she added.


“Pauline is leaving a legacy at NC State that embodies the drive and ambition to get involved and make the most of one’s time in college,” Morgan said. “My hope is that through her experiences, reflections and testimony other students will understand the benefits of being engaged deeply in their university setting and will be inspired and encouraged to do the same.”




Service with CENet

It was a great semester for CENet students wanting to serve the community. Despite our Habitat for Humanity November 17 workday being cancelled, 77 CENet students participated in 1102 hours of service during the Fall 2015 semester!

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In addition to volunteer projects serving American Red Cross, Inter-faith Food Shuttle, Asian Focus, Society of St. IMG_2138Andrew and Miracle League of the Triangle, CENet made a big splash at the annual Shack-A-Thon fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity of Wake County. Student Leaders also raised more than $150 in a last-minute effort to support the victims of global terrorism following the Paris attacks last month.

The highlight of the Fall 2015 Service calendar was CENet at the Shack:


In the first year participating in the annual Shack-A-Thon on the brickyard, GTI’s Cultural Exchange Network made a splash with our Global Colors Shack.

The Global Colors Shack was a collaborative effort between University Housing’s Arts Village, Exploratory Studies Village, Global Village and GTI’s Cultural Exchange Network. Nearly 130 students from the 4 groups took part in the design & planning, building & manning, and fundraising aspects of this project.

The Global Colors Shack raised $2,388.99 in real donations during the month of September. Although this total ranked 6th of the 22 shacks competing, the Global Colors Shack ended 7th overall. Final rankings are determined by a combination of real donations and soft money awards earned throughout the competition.

In a contest determined by primary shack leaders, the Global Colors Shack placed 2nd behind the Park Scholars shack for Most Creative Fundraisers. It also placed 4th for Most Shack Spirit.brickyard1Look for us on the Brickyard next year.

More about Shack-A-Thon here:

Sharing America’s Holiday

The Thanksgiving Holiday is one of the few holidays in the U.S. for which schools and businesses are closed for a number of days. Most American students use this break to travel home or visit with out-of-state family. And many international students use the 5-day holiday to travel to big cities like Chicago or New York City. The tradition can be troublesome, however, for other visiting students who suddenly find themselves without plans, transportation or even housing.


This semester, GTI took initiative to set-up local American homestays during the holiday weekend. Calls for hosts started the last week in October, and we were able to find 28 families offering 55 spaces for international guests to share in their family’s Thanksgiving celebrations!

Applications then opened for GTI students who wanted to experience Thanksgiving with an American family. All 32 students who applied were contacted within a week with information about a host family for the holiday.

IMG_1839 Some students were able to stay multiple days of the holiday weekend while others opted to join in just for Thursday’s festivities.

“It was a really great experience! The family has been so welcoming and nice with us. They talked about their family and they ask us about us and our families too. It was a sharing moment for all of us. We couldn’t have dreamt living a better first Thanksgiving!” — GTI student.


image1Having a local connection at a time like Thanksgiving can make a huge difference in the American experience for visitors. It’s not so much about the turkey and the pumpkin pie, but about the human feelings that go along with cooking, family, and holiday tradition.

The satisfaction of sharing America’s holiday may be visible in the gratitude expressed by the guest, but perhaps is even more moving in the feelings expressed by the host: “It was just what my family needed.



GTI arranges American Dinners with local families a number of times each year. If you are interested in joining our database of Host Families, please fill out this simple Google Form.