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Nothing could be finer!

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina – and more specifically the NC State Fair.

Since the fair is such a major part of North Carolina culture, the GTI took hundreds of international students to the fair during its opening week. Students were given a checklist of things they could see, taste, and do at the fair.


One of the correspondents from the NC State University school newspaper, the Technician, wrote an article about what happens when French international students experience all the fried (and some non-fried) food available at the fair.

The GTI also ran an Instagram photo contest for students who documented their experience at this North Carolina tradition. Not only did the winners have a howling good time at the fair, they also got bottles of North Carolina honey for their efforts.



Now we’re cooking with gas!


Every year we send a group of our international students in our GTI 401 course to American homes to help prepare and share a meal with an American family. This immersion experience into an aspect of American culture that students don’t normally get to experience on a college campus is both fun and rewarding:

“Thank you and your mother for such a wonderful dinner! I didn’t expect that I would be able to help making the desserts. It was so fun and the food was great! Usually in Taiwan we have only a small apartment with a small kitchen, so rarely do many people prepare for a meal together…” –Ching-Fen C.

“I just like to say that this was an awesome afternoon/night! [our American hosts] are amazing and American food is really good! Definitely, today was one of the best experiences I had since we arrived in Raleigh. Thank you so much!” – Bruna M.K.

“I would like to thank you for organizing such a wonderful evening last night. I could say you guys did an awesome work choosing the families because I’ve heard only good reviews not only from the guys who went with me but also from the other Brazilians…” –Eduardo R.P.


The experience is also enriching for our American host families:

“Loved doing this as always…what a gift to meet this generation of young people from the far corners of the world…gives one hope for the future.” –Peggy M.

“We thoroughly enjoy our evenings spent with students participating in the GTI program. They are a little shocked when they arrive to find that they will be doing the cooking, but all have adapted extremely well and seem to enjoy the experience.” –Vickie H.

“We talked about what stories to share… It was very nice sitting around the fire, talking about different cultures and the biggest Holiday’s they have… We extended an offer to our guest for another visit, esp. if they find themselves on Campus alone over a break” –John and Sandy R.

“..The students seemed to really enjoy it, as each of them had “seconds”.  They asked lots of questions about the food and talked about food in China and Brazil.  They were interested in talking about government in the U.S. and their countries.   We had time to watch and explain the game of baseball, watching some of the Cubs-Cardinals game… The guests were very talkative, got along great, and we thoroughly enjoyed our evening with them.”  Randy S.


Thanks so much to everyone that has helped to make this GTI tradition a continued success!

If you’re interested in becoming a host family for GTI students and programs, please fill out the form on our website.

Dear GTI Wolfie

Meet Wolfie – he’s the newest member of the Global Training Initiative.


He spent this past year traveling with the rest of the team on their trips to Russian, Japan, Singapore, and Mexico. He also accompanies our international student and professional groups during their programs in the U.S. As a well-traveled member of the GTI, he aims to use his globe-trotting experiences to bridge cultural gaps.

GTI Wolfie is penning an advice column for the NC State community that will appear in Thursday’s edition of the Technician.

Follow his adventures on Twitter and Instagram (@GTINCSU) #gtiwolfie.