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September’s Student of the Month

Congratulations to Elvis Masur Teixeira Leonel who is studying at NC State through the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP). Elvis comes from Universidade Tecnologica Federal Do Parana and was featured in the BSMP newsletter as September’s Student of the Month.



Building global friendships and networks

How do you call someone a friend in Arabic? or French? How much time do you spend eating a meal? NC State students explored these types of questions about cultural differences with the GTI’s international student population in a series of workshops and events focused on helping students build global networks.

IMG_0929Over the course of the day, four different workshops were run by the Leadership Council as part of the International Cultural Leadership Project (ICLP). More than 150 participants from the SKEMA business school, the KAUST Foundation Year Program, joined NC State students enrolled in Arabic and French classes through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The workshops included a mix of presentations and small group discussions on various cultural differences in communication, networking and friendship.

The Leadership Council will present several more Global Networking workshops over the next few weeks.

IMG_20140919_102354209Speed Friending

The GTI also organized a “Speed Friending” activity in the afternoon. Structured the same way as a speed dating event, the two-hour long activity was fast-paced and lively as 40 participants were able to meet and talk with each other while enjoying a pizza lunch. English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Ukranian, Urdu, Portugese and Spanish were among the languages heard during the workshop.

IMG_0947Another “Speed Friending” workshop will take place in October.


GTI Highlights: Camilo Paradas

Camilo Paradas is a GTI J-1 Student Intern who is working with Dr. Lina Quesada in the Plant Pathology Department. He recently presented his posted at the American Phytopathological Society (APS) conference in Minneapolis, MN.

APS1At the APS conference, Camilo presented during a special event called “Poster Huddles” where they selected 8 posters about the discoveries in an specific pathogen (Phytophthora capsici).

“I was there with my poster because I found some molecular markers in my research,” he said. “These molecular markers could be used in population studies with this pathogen.”

APS2Camilo said he enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity, and he hopes to continue and get a graduate degree from NC State in the future.


On to Munich

The Global Leaders group arrived at BMW’s headquarters in Munich to learn from students enrolled in various tracks of dual education and training. BMW provides 2-3 years of onsite training for student employees in engineering and mechatronic fields. Seen here is a small group of students, who are learning basic machining. Another photo shows a dual engine (gas and battery power hybrid) racing car another group of students recently built.

BMW also has a junior company of first year students who spend 2-3 months in each department of the company, from quality control to finance to HR. This division of BMW is responsible for developing promotional items and handling special customer orders. Last year, their revenues totaled 1 million €. In total BMW has more than 3,000 student trainees in Munich. About 95% will go on to be full employees at the end of their study programs.


Next stop: Stuttgart

North Carolina leaders spent part of their time in Germany learning from state parliamentarians and ministers about Baden-Wurrtemberg’s economic development strategies and education priorities. The state enjoys the distinction of being the #1 region for innovation in the entire EU.

In front of the state parliament building in Stuttgart.

In front of the state parliament building in Stuttgart.

They also visited Baden-Wurrtemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Stuttgart to learn about their unique dual education programs in business, engineering and social work. More than 34,000 students attend DHBW, so it’s similar in size to NC State.

Baden-Wurrtemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart

Baden-Wurrtemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart

Students enter the program with a contract from a local business to have three years of paid practical training while also taking their theoretical courses in a university classroom.

Dr. Friedemann Schwenkries from the DHBW

Dr. Friedemann Schwenkries from the DHBW

The group then headed to visit Festo, a pneumatic technology PLLC and didactic training center whose headquarters are in Esslingen.  Festo is a world leader in flexible manufacturing equipment, as seen here in their latest robotic arm designed to mimic the mechanics of an elephants trunk.

Starting in Berlin

North Carolina leaders traveled to Berlin this weekend to kick off a week-long study program. The delegation is seen here in front of the Reichstag, location on the Bundestag.

IMG_2720The group spent the day at the US Embassy in Berlin as well as meeting with Germany’s economic trade and development agency to discuss the strength of the German economy and advanced manufacturing. Marc Lehnfeld, German market expert at Germany Trade & Invest, told the delegation that of the more than 258,000 manufacturing companies in thr country, 75% have fewer than 10 employees.


Heading to Germany

The Global Training Initiative is getting ready to take a delegation of lawmakers, economic developers, and education leaders to Germany to learn about advanced manufacturing and worker training. The GTI is working with NC State’s Institute for Emerging Issues and UNC’s Center for International Understanding to lead the group of 30 participants to Berlin, Stuttgart, and Munich.

The GTI’s Melissa Edwards Smith will be blogging about the site visits and meetings that will take place during the program over the next week. Watch for updates in the GTI newsroom and social media outlets.

For more information about the program and the partnership, read the article in the UNC@Work newsletter.